Nearly Finished! Beekeeping Masterclass

Well done! You've reached the end of the Varroa Detection and Management course, time to take a break and review what you've acheived. Hopefully you have been scoring good results in the exercises, if not you can simply go over the specific modules as required to improve them. Once you have achieved top scoring for the whole learning path you should have a good all round understanding of Varroa destructor, and how to assess and manage its presence in your apiary. All that is left to do now is the final assignment!

Final Assignment

Please use the drop down menu at the top right of this page and go to the Assignments section of Bee Disease Detection and Management. Select 'Varroa Management Plan'. The assignment includes instructions for completion and submission.

The final assignment completes this Varroa Detection and Management course, if you require further information or advice please contact the Bee School Administrator.