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Varroa, detection and management

Varroa destructorThe varroa mite, Varroa destructor, is an external parasite of the honeybee Apis mellifera mellifera and feeds on the bees haemolymph (blood). Its natural host is the Asian honeybee Apis cerana which has evolved with the mite to develop a natural resistance. Beekeepers endeavours to improve honey production have resulted in the spread varroasis across Europe and beyond. Research has shown that varroa mites not only carry other diseases and weaken and kill brood and adult bees, but also render colonies susceptible to diseases a healthy colony woud normally resist.

A useful aid to this learning path is the FERA booklet 'Managing Varroa', you can download it by visiting the Documents and Links section.

The learning path for Varroa, detection and management consists of learning and exercise modules, and a final assignment. Follow the learning path to find out about the Varroa Mite, how to detect it, and how to manage infestation. Start with the first module then follow the path in sequence, you can do this as often as you like! 

Documents and LinksVarroa_Mites.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Mite_Video.htm
ExercisesVarroa Mites Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_Life_Cycle.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa on honeybees.htm
ExercisesVarroa Lifecycle Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_Vectors.htm
ExercisesVorroa Vectors Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_Effects_on_Honeybee_Colonies.htm
ExercisesVarroa Effects Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_Interim_Review.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Detection_and_Monitoring.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa Assessment.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Infestation_Assessment.htm
ExercisesVarroa Detection Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_-_Biotechnical_Controls.htm
ExercisesVarroa Biotechnical Controls
Documents and LinksVarroa_-_Soft_Chemical_Controls.htm
ExercisesVarroa Soft Chemical Control
Documents and LinksVarroa_-_Treatment_Resistance.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Resistance_Crossword.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Integrated_Pest_Management.htm
ExercisesVarroa _Integrated _Management _Exercise
Documents and LinksVarroa_-_Housekeeping.htm
Documents and LinksVarroa_Final_Review.htm

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