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Honeybee Diseases - Braula 

Honeybee disease is probably the least popular aspect of beekeeping, but it's not long before one realises it is the single most important aspect of all. They are the bane of every beekeepers' (and bee's) life. Mites, maggots, fungii and bacteria, parasites that defy description, they are an ever present threat to your bees, and everyone elses around you when disease strikes.

Many honeybee diseases are contageous or easily spread from hive to hive and apiary to apiary. Normal beekeeping practices unfortunately provide the best opportunities for disease spread so it is encumbant on beekeepers to be able to detect and recognise the early signs of disease, and have the skills to manage them effectively.

Use this short course to learn or improve your Braula disease detection and management skills. Chose the learning path to get started, or browse through the documents and links resources.

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