A selection of files available to download related to all aspects of beekeeping, divided by topic.

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EMBABeginnersContent.pdf43.34 KB
EMBA_History_1992.pdf35.54 KBA History of EMBA
emba-keeping_bees_on_business_premises.doc15 KBAdvice for Keeping Bees on Business Premises
Beekeeping_Leaflet.pdf501.36 KBBeekeeping Introduction Leaflet
Bees - Finance - Apiculture Programme 2010 to 2013.pdf186.84 KBBees - Finance - Apiculture Programme 2010 to 2013.pdf
honeyconst.pdf79.82 KBConstituent Components of Honey
diy_open_mesh_floor-graham-white.pdf187.59 KBDIY Open Mesh Floors - Graham White
EMBA_Constitution_2011.pdf175.99 KBEMBA Constitution
EMBA_Standing_Orders.pdf15.26 KBEMBA Standing Orders for Meetings
Ziploc_Sugar_Honey.pdf95.48 KBFeeding Bees Sugar with Ziplock Bags
Feeding_for_Winter.pdf151.16 KBFeeding for Winter
Fondant-Recipe.pdf16.41 KBFondant Recipe
Cynthia & Alan's Garden Tips.pdf496.9 KBGardening for Bees - Cynthia & Alan Riach
EMBA H&S PPE 2011.pdf19.52 KBHealth & Safety - Personal Protective Equipment
EMBA H&S Risk Assessment 2011.pdf33.58 KBHealth & Safety - Risk Assessment Form
EMBA H&S Stings 2011.pdf29.64 KBHealth & Safety - Stings
HEALTH AND SAFETY 2008.pdf24.18 KBHealth & Safety Questionnaire
honey_show.pdf37.14 KBHoney Show Schedule, Classes and Recipes
drink_recipes.pdf43.83 KBHoney-based Drinks - Matthew Richardson
lifecycle_wheel_v4.pdf40.15 KBHoneybee Lifecycle Ready-Reckoner
Kate's Integrated Management Notes.pdf189.51 KBIntegrated Varroa Management - Kate Atchley
c_o_pappend_a.pdf286.83 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Appendix A
c_o_pappend_b.pdf287.13 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Appendix B
c_o_pappend_c.pdf287.73 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Appendix C
c_o_pappend_d.pdf286.88 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Appendix D
code_of_practice1.pdf623.52 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Code of Practice pt 1
code_of_practice2.pdf441.29 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Code of Practice pt 2
code_of_practice3.pdf290.68 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Code of Practice pt 3
code_of_practice4.pdf432.19 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Code of Practice pt 4
code_of_practice5.pdf429.3 KBLes Webster's Hygiene Code of Practice pt 5
Looking after your Nucleus.pdf31.91 KBLooking after a Nucleus
Nucleus Specification.pdf34.71 KBNucleus Specification
Kate's Varroa Treatments Notes.pdf109.36 KBOrganic Acid Varroa Treatments - Kate Atchley
recipe - honey scones.pdf13.85 KBRecipe - Honey Scones
recipe - honey shortbread.pdf13.37 KBRecipe - Honey Shortbread
recipe - sponge cake.pdf14.5 KBRecipe - Sponge Cake
recipe - tablet.pdf12.92 KBRecipe - Tablet
birth_of_sba.pdf430.28 KBThe Founding of the SBA - Una Robertson
aboutmoir.pdf101.81 KBThe Moir Library - Origin & History
Using the Heather Honey Press.docx11.8 KBUsing the Heather Press
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